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BACK TO SOURCE: A performance by Enrique Rosas 

Art With Me* GNP TULUM / autumn 2020 


This performance seeks to create a captivating experience in which the public witness the process of the active creation of an artwork. 

A contemplative but energetic action that engages the senses of the viewer with sound, movement, and painting. Artist Enrique Rosas through a meditative trance state and with a sort of martial dance-like paints a large canvas on the floor. He responds to the rhythm of sounds, breath, and body motion to maneuver an enlarged size brush to skillfully spread the ink on the canvas. Rosas’ painting tool is central to his performance, a large Chinese calligraphy brush turns into a magic wand or ceremonial blade.


The public is invited to stand or sit comfortably on the floor around the canvas which is laid as the performance surface, holding a safe distance, and probably driven by osmosis to the trance.

The duration of the performance will depend on the size of the painting which is suggested to be of a minimum of 11 minutes for each segment. The full completion of the canvas requires a maximum of 3 performative segments.

E. H., october 20th, 2020.


“Back to Source” is a performance to be unfolded by the artist Enrique Rosas in Tulum next November 2020 within the context of the “Art With Me * GNP” Festival at the invitation of the curator José Ignacio Prado to the Aluxiik Gallery.

As the result of reflections and a deep internal work derived from the circumstances unleashed by the coronavirus, the artist Enrique Rosas, has evolved from his exhibition “UNO” at the Le Laboratoire Gallery in Mexico City in autumn 2019, to an even more coherent expression in the emergence of a New World.

This will be its exposure to the public eye.

“Back to Source” consists of the execution of a ritual of which a piece of cochineal red in large format will remain as testimony.


When living in survival mode there is no perspective.

The coronavirus pause has broadened our vision, to the past, to the future.

The body of reality that we experience is mainly due to the consequences of the actions of our ancestors, as well as inherited programming, surely carried out with the best of intentions, but it has had catastrophic consequences.

The old ideas of progress and freedom have only plundered the planet to levels of climatic erosion and inequality, keeping in a blind spot the fact that we share, on this planet, a common destiny.

Thanks to this break, I am aware to be fully responsible, that I am an ancestor of the future and that my actions will impact generations to come, that I could not, I cannot continue to act in the way that I have been doing.

Collective transformation can be sown in the individual.

This awareness forces me to reactivate my amniotic memory to gather all the necessary resources to embody my maximum potential and to be able to aspire to a legacy for future generations.

This moment demands the best of us.

This ritual act invokes our integration in global metamorphosis.


The dromena will consist of 3 phases of approximately 11 minutes each:

1. FECUNDATION (invocation):

Pouring the components of the primordial soup into a sound bowl with cochineal red, water, and other ingredients of an alchemical nature for the invocation of the original spirit through percussion instruments and breath, flooding the space, mixing it, and connecting with the audience present.

The artist, performing live, will record a musical phrase that will be looped to open the following sequence:

2. RADIATION (embodiment):

Primordial movement, the container bowl of the primordial soup will break the membrane towards the space that will receive the strokes, first without ink; With the brush, movements that pulse circles, ellipses, spirals, air flows, fire, water, the elements that are invoked to give life to the inert matter will be replicated. Artist, brush, and audience will merge in the movement in a trance state.

3. IMPRINT (execution):

Finally, the invisible will become visible. The ink will shock the surface with the paintbrush in a prolonged moment, a radioactive explosion in which subjects, objects, and verbs will condense in the traces on the substrate destined as the arena of such said “corrida“.